About us


Feel better than ever and get the most natural look with semi-permanent make-up Phibrows microblading, ombre’ lips, eyeliners and beautiful eyelash extension Eye Candy SJ is your go-to spot for high-quality salon services to offer you the look you desire, all handled by experienced professionals and certifiled you can trust. Our customers enjoy a new levels of confidence , and our students are trained to properly use the same methods and techniques we do. We specialize in Phibrows Microblading, permanent make-up and Eyelash extension in San Jose, California. We also offer Microblading, permanent make-up and eyelash extensions private training courses in San Jose, CA that aims to help students enter the beauty industry with the knowledge and confidence they need.


Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, each staff has a distinct set of skill and a personality thatsuits our client needs. Because we are diverse, we are able to accommodate you with the right fit, ensuring your time spent with us is the most relaxing and rewarding experience you will ever have.